Volume 11, Issue 1 (1993) Fall 1993

Dedication to Professor Nancy L. Long

The Board of Editors would like to express our admiration and gratitude to our faculty advisor. Nancy Long has not only served as a spiritual leader, but has consistently and actively participated in our day to day operations as well. Her tireless commitment to this Review, in addition to her work with the Pace Center for Environmental Legal Studies, has been an inspiration to individuals worldwide who believe in a person's fundamental right to live in and enjoy a stable environment.


1993-1994 Board

Robert F. Snow
Managing Editors
Peter P. Ferraiuolo
Rani George
Margot L. Ludlam
Research & Writing Editors
Lori L. Caramanian
Grace C. Guiffrida
Articles Editors
Maureen P. Gorman
Joseph J. Hornik
Brenda Wilcox Williams
Notes & Comments Editors
Sharon Codeanne
David Raphael Herz
Frances McCaffrey
Allan W. Solow
Colloquium Editor
Michael D. Madnick
Subscriptions & Publishable Notes Editor
Antonia Cipollone
Technical Editor
John L. Garrison
Senior Associates
Aamina Ahmad
Kate Balassie
Stephanie Caddell
Robert Crespi
Joseph Dolan
Catherine V. Greco
Bernadine Jacobs
Anthony J. Masso
Michelle Metzger
Marios C. Sfantos
Ellen Siev
Timothy E. Sigman
Ronald Steinberg
Murad Beg
Joli K. Boudreaux
Joanna Bowen
Laurie Droughton
Michael Sean Duffy
Roland Giroux
Donald Grzybowski
Lisa Jakob
Scott N. Koschwitz
Henry LaCap
Marla E. Martinez
William McClarnon
Michael Moorby
Brooke Carson Squire
Susan Stockburger
PeggyAnn R. Sullivan
Kenneth T. Tiangco
Christopher Tirro
Andrew Tung
Publishable Note Candidates
G. Thomas Bickford
Patricia Brimais
Sandra E.A. Dwyer
Jeannine Feneran
Suzanne M. Finkelstein
Glenn E. Friedman
Toni Ann Hinch
Brian Lee
Zachary Levin
Kevin Madonna
Adrienne C. Paule
Stephanie Perez
Daniel V. Remer
Kristina Sekor
Claudio Ternieden
Faculty Advisor
Nancy L. Long