Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education

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Social, emotional, and behavioral (SEB) screening is an essential component of multi-tiered systems for supporting students’ social-emotional development. SEB screening facilitates early identification and intervention for individual students and may be used to evaluate population-level response to universal positive behavior supports and social-emotional learning programs. Although school-based SEB screening research is common, the majority of studies have focused on screening tools for use with students in K-12 settings. The current study expands upon prior research to systematically review research on school-based teacher-report SEB screening tools for students in preschool. Results indicated 17 studies published in peer-reviewed journals between 2008-2019, which evaluated 6 teacher-report SEB screening tools with preschool populations. All 17 (100%) research studies evaluated the technical adequacy of the screening tools and 1 (5.9%) research study explicitly evaluated aspects of usability and provided novel data to support usability. Results indicate a need to continue to evaluate the technical adequacy of preschool SEB screening tools and to place more explicit focus on evaluating the usability of the tools.