Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education

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Early childhood is often referred to as a sensitive period of development due to the critical nature of skills a young child is expected to acquire across a short period of time. It is a time when foundational social-emotional and academic skills can set the trajectory for later successful outcomes. It is also a time when the lack of critical skill development can increase a child’s risk for future mental health and other long-term negative outcomes. Therefore, it is always pressing that early childhood institutions and stakeholders are abreast of evidence-based practices that promote the healthy development of a child’s social-emotional and academic well-being. The focus of the second volume of this two-part special issue in Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education is aimed at providing effective practices to help relevant stakeholders promote positive pro-social outcomes throughout early childhood. This article will introduce volume two of the special issue. In addition, an overview of published manuscripts will provide readers with content-specific insight.

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Readers will gain information and insight into ten articles featured in PECPE’s special issue dedicated to behavioral outcomes within early childhood settings.

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Special Issue 2: Helping Relevant Stakeholders Promote Behavioral Outcomes in Early Childhood