Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education

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Learning how to read accurately and fluently is a critical component for a student’s future academic success. Reading fluency is a skill that many students struggle to master. In addition, many students missed out on key skill development due to the loss of instruction from COVID-19. As schools begin to recover from these educational losses, small group reading interventions offer an efficient solution to service multiple students at once. Small group reading interventions such as Repeated Readings (RR), Listening Passage Preview (LPP) and LPP with RR (LPP+RR) have all been demonstrated to be effective methods for increasing reading fluency. Yet few studies have specifically examined the effectiveness of these interventions in comparison to each other in a group setting. The current study compared reading RR, LPP, and LPP+RR in a small group setting to determine which intervention yielded the largest gains in reading fluency.

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Providing evidence based remediation services is more important now than ever before as we enter into a post-pandemic era. Evidence-based small group reading interventions offer teachers an effective and efficient tool to serve multiple children at one time.

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Special Issue Volume 2: Helping Relevant Stakeholders Promote Behavioral Outcomes in Early Childhood