Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education

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Early childhood educators are in a critical position to support young children’s social-emotional, behavioral, and learning development, which can be accomplished through consistent use of evidence-based practices delivered in day-to-day interactions. However, early childhood educators may require support for implementing evidence-based practices. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a novel form of behavioral consultation for early childhood educators. Specifically, a behavior analytic multitiered consultation model in which implementation supports become increasingly more intensive is described. Rationale, implementation, evidence-base, and implications for practice and research are described. Finally, this paper concludes with an empirical case study to illustrate this model’s implementation. This paper is also meant to serve as a call-to-action for researchers and practitioners to replicate this consultation model.

Impact Statement

This paper delineates an effective and potentially more efficient model for implementing behavioral consultation. This paper is meant to serve as a call-to-action for consultation researchers to further evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and feasibility of this model with early childhood education professionals.

Special Issue

Special issue 7.2: Helping Relevant Stakeholders Promote Behavioral Outcomes in Early Childhood

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