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Dissertations & Theses from 2023

Berger, Charlotte (2023) Social Media, Fear of Crime, and Social Trust

Crissey, Isper (2023) Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors of Patients With Serious Mental Illness on Mental Health Literacy

Davis, Ashley Janée (2023) Misogynoir: Exploring Lived Experiences of Gendered Racism and Impacts on Identity for Black Women Professional Counselors

Delphos, Whitney (2023) Examining the Influence of Empathy and Autonomous Motivation Within Counselor Work Setting

Gonzalez, Tabitha (2023) Resilience and Willingness to Forgive Infidelity: An Examination of the Relationship by Type of Infidelity, Attitudes Toward Infidelity, and Relationship Investment

Greenberg, Cindy (2023) The Experience of the Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease Organ Transplant Recipient Following Liver Transplantation

Jalilzadeh, Nouna (2023) Becoming a Mental Health Counselor, Permanently or Temporarily: Examining Potential Barriers for International Students Enrolled in Mental Health Counseling Master’s Program

Kletz, Pattiann (2023) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a Shield in Times of Crisis: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between CSR and CEO Dismissal and Career Recovery Following a Financial Restatement

Louis, Paxton J (2023) Pattern Analysis of Anomalous Behavior of a Heterogeneous Software Defined Wireline Public Telecommunications Network Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Moreira, Javier (2023) Examining Differences in How Atheist and Religious Therapists Are Perceived and the Moderating Effects of Religiosity and Personality Traits

Raffa, Roxanna Y (2023) Decision-Making Among Doctoral Nurse Graduates: Degree and Career Trajectory

Ross, Richard D (2023) Exploring Relationships Among CEO Compensation, CEO Gender, and CEO Ethnicity in Nonprofit Organizations

Sammis, Katherine (2023) To Search or Not to Search: Examining Factors that Affect Adoptees’ Decision to Seek Out Their Birth Parents

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Dissertations & Theses from 2022

Alvarez, Katherine (2022) Caregiver Attitudes Toward Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Beach, Stacy J (2022) The Power of Words: The Relationship Between Emotional Imagery, Depression, and Anxiety Indices in Child Holocaust Survivor Narratives

Berro, Elizabeth (2022) Exploring the Relationships of Realism, Engagement, and Competency in Undergraduate High-Fidelity Nursing Simulation

Bonaviso, Lisa (2022) The Implications of Childhood Parental Loss on Attachment Within Adult Romantic Relationships

Cerda, Kassandra G (2022) The Role of Attitudinal Familism in the Separation-Individuation Process of Latinx Emerging Adults

Ferguson, Alexis (2022) Investigating the Association Between Trauma, Dissociation, and Aberrant Cognitive Experiences in Psychiatrically Hospitalized Adolescents

Ferguson, Alexis (2022) Investigating the Association Between Trauma, Dissociation, and Aberrant Cognitive Experiences in Psychiatrically Hospitalized Adolescents

Hari, Ranjana (2022) Effect of Parental Expectations and Parental Pressure on Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement of Students

Hawthorne, Monique (2022) Interpretation of Excitatory and Suppressor Scales: Can they be re-captured on the MMPI-A-RF?

Holmes, Kimrey (2022) Adolescents Perceived Social Supports and Psychological Distress Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hughes, Patricia (2022) A Single-Center Observational Study of Nurses’ Assessment of Pain in Older Adults with Dementia/Cognitive Impairment in the Acute Care Setting

Iseman, Jennaleigh (2022) Examining the Relationship between Acute Stress and Psychosocial Functioning through the Lens of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kim, Kristen (2022) Cultural Implications in Parenting Practices and Values: Further Examination of Asian Parenting Style

Little, Dameous D (2022) Aspects of Organizational Culture and the Impact on Affective Commitment, Absenteeism, and Turnover: a Study of the United States Poultry Industry

Lulgjuraj, Diana (2022) The Lived Experience of Hospitalized Children

Petito, Fred (2022) Brand Equity, Firm Value, and the Moderating Influence of Industry Dynamics

Ratzan, John (2022) Conceptualization and Instrumentation of Maturity of Responsible AI (MRAI): An Empirical Analysis of the US Banking Industry Credit Lending Practices

Rebenstock, Emily (2022) The Relationship Between Rorschach Introversive Personality Style and Symptom Presentation in Children in an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Setting

Reid, Mantie N (2022) Optical Wireless Communications High-Speed Bluetooth Secure Pairing Towards Developing a Trust Protocol

Silverman, Alexandra (2022) The Dysrégulation Profile on the Youth Self Report: Associations with Self-Report and Performance-based Measures of Personality

Stanley, Adele Katherine (2022) Describing the Experience of Electronic Cigarette Use Among Traditional Undergraduate College Students Who Self-Report Feelings of Anxiety

Thompson, Kisha Nicole (2022) Resilience Narratives amid Economic and Educational Inequalities Storied by Unemployed Young American Black Men

Wagner, Colleen Griffin (2022) The Effects of Online Learning on School Connectedness and School Belonging and Its Relationship to At-Risk Adolescent Subjective Well-Being During COVID-19

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Dissertations & Theses from 2021

Band, Jared M (2021) Social Information Processing in Children: Cognitive and Rorschach Correlates in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting

Das, Dev (2021) Can a Single Dose of Conscious Expert Deliberation Reduce Unwanted Unconscious Priming Effects?

Davidson, Heidi (2021) The Incubator Investment in Network Events: Does the Business Incubator’s Quality of Programming and Founder Personality Traits Influence Startup Performance?

Eng, Hugh W (2021) American Consumer Acceptance of Biometric Technology

Fields, Tonya (2021) Sensitivity of Machine Learning Algorithms to Dataset Drift for the Natural Language Processing Application of Spam Filters

Flynch, Michele D (2021) The Experience of Family Members Who Have Had a Loved One in Physical Restraint in a Critical Care Setting during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study Using a Phenomenological Design

Fromboluti, Sara (2021) Predicting Gang Embeddedness Through Public Social Media Presence

Geiling, Elizabeth (2021) Does the Quality of Parent and Peer Relationships and Religiosity Predict Self-Control and Flourishing in Emerging Adult College Students?

Gentile, Gregory (2021) The Role of Resilience in the Relationship Between Trauma Exposure and the Perceived Efficacy of Psychotherapy

Haigler, Ashley (2021) Machine Learning and Text Analysis Using Clustering, Classification, Categorization for Applied Industry Research and Its Effect on Trends and Prediction Analysis of a Doctor of Professionals Studies in Computing Dissertation Categories

Javani, Sonia (2021) The Development of a PTSD Scale for the Adolescent Version of the MMPI

Kaplow, Michelle (2021) Is Majoring in the Creative Arts Associated with Psychopathology? An Exploration of Prevalence Rates of Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and Subsyndromal Psychotic Features Among Individuals Majoring in the Creative Arts

Maria, Ariel (2021) Examining the Effects of Ethical Knowledge and Values on Ethical Decision-Making in Counselors

McGregor, Delores Anita (2021) Experiences of Family Caregivers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities Living in Low-Socioeconomic Communities

Melie, Kenneth Ora (2021) Mitigating Voting Irregularities with Secure E-Voting in Nigeria

Nerwen, Renana (2021) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Resilience, and Parenting Behavior Perceptions Amongst Young Adults

Palumbo, Jonathan Park (2021) Improving Grades through the Completion of a Guided Metacognitive Exercise for College Students in Fall 2020 at a Regional Mississippi University

Paradiso, Cynthia Kay (2021) On Pills and Needles: Students’ and Clinical Nursing Faculty’s Lived Experience of a Nursing Student’s First Med Pass in the Clinical Setting

Polizzotto, Randi L (2021) Self-Compassion and Resiliency in Late Adolescence after a Negative Life Event

Pollak, Chava (2021) The Impact of a Robotic Pet on Social and Physical Frailty in Community-Dwelling Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Romano, Christine S (2021) Does Accurate Detection of Dyadic Empathy Predict Positive Communication? Dyadic Empathy, Accuracy of Dyadic Empathy, and Communication Style in Romantic Relationships

Spencer, Samantha (2021) Personality Psychopathology Five (PSY-5) Traits and their Relationship to Suicidal Behaviors in an Adolescent Inpatient Population

Vitiello, Vanessa (2021) Examining Sexual Consent Education for First Year College Students: A Program Evaluation

Wang, Tianyu (2021) A Dictionary-Based Approach to Identifying Malicious Machine-Generated Text

Wanyo, Carol (2021) Poised and Prepared: Lillian Wald and the Henry Street Settlement Visiting Nurses' Response to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in New York City

White, Ashley M (2021) The Dark Side of Empathy: Empathy Predicts Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in Mental Health Professionals

Whittaker, Carrie (2021) Improved Functioning after Bereavement: The Role of Social Integration and Social Support

Zaken, Mali (2021) COVID-19 Pandemic-Related Stressors and Posttraumatic Stress: The Main, Moderating, Indirect, and Mediating Effects of Social Support

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Dissertations & Theses from 2020

Adeola, Ephraim Olubunmi (2020) Knee Bone Segmentation from MRI Images Using a Deep Learning Model

Algios, Alexa (2020) Effectiveness of a School-Based Mental Health Literacy Program on Increasing Help- Seeking Attitudes Among Ethnic Minority Youth

Baca, Samantha (2020) Parenting Perceptions, Beliefs, and Early Childhood Social-Emotional Outcomes

Booher, Jena (2020) Employee Innovative Behavior and the Role of Creative Personality, Conscientiousness, and Psychological Safety

Brady, Kellyanne (2020) The Development of Professional Identity and the Impact of Counselor Educators: Examining the Role of Observational Learning and Self-Efficacy

Castellini, Shannon (2020) Assessment of 13-Year-Old Adolescents with the MMPI-A RF: Developmental Aspects of Validity Correlates in an Inpatient Sample

Dall, Zachary M (2020) Distributed Decentralized Microservice Development: a Distributed Model for a Decentralized System

Eff, Henry (2020) The Relationship between IQ and Adaptive Functioning in Adolescents and Young Adults with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

Evans, Daniel (2020) Energy-efficient Transaction Serialization

Fisher, Gary Allen (2020) Investigation and Design of Software Defined Networking Applied to Storage Area Network Connectivity

Friedman, Rochelle J (2020) Application of the MACI Psychopathy Content Scale (P-16) in an Adolescent Inpatient Population: A Convergent Validity Study

Gorelik, Irina (2020) Exploring the Impact of Immigration, Linguistic, and Cultural Factors on Autism Outcomes in a Sample of Children Receiving Early Intervention Services in New York State

Kaplan, Ilyssa M (2020) Social Support, Stigma, and Mental Health Outcomes Among Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Adults in the United States

Karaburun, Recep Richie (2020) Do Your Facebook “Friends” Make You Spend More Money? Exploring the Relationship Between Online Social Connectedness and Impulsive Buying

Kerrisk, Jerry (2020) An Exploratory Study on Corporate Reputation Damage Due to Data Security Incidents

Krakauer, Uriel (2020) Personality and Birth Order Based on Family Size

Ledesma, Jennifer (2020) Separation-Individuation: A Psychoanalytic Examination of a Literary Character and Implications for Psychotherapy with Traumatized Adolescents

Levin, Giselle (2020) Sexual-Religious Compatibility, Internalized Homonegativity, and Depression and Suicidality in Lesbian. Gay, and Bisexual Individuals from Orthodox Jewish Backgrounds

Lowinger, Ira (2020) The Relationship Between Warm, Rejecting, and Hostile Parenting Dimensions and Creative Production in the Creative Writing Domain

Olekszyk Martinez, Joanne (2020) The Impact of Top Management Team (TMT) Meeting Praxes on Organizational Performance

Porter, Joseph (2020) Improving Quality of Job Application Pre-Processing with Knowledge Graphs

Porter, Joseph (2020) Improving Quality of Job Application Pre-processing with Knowledge Graphs

Resnick, Laurie Thien An (2020) Self-Identification in Multiracial Individuals

Rizzo, Kathryn M (2020) Women's Self-Objectification During Pregnancy and Post-Partum, and Its Impact on Maternal Mental Health

Rosenblatt, Meryl (2020) A Study of Entrepreneurship Network Development

Sahadath, Joel K (2020) An Examination of the Relationship between Africentrism and Psychological Well-Being in Black Gay Men

Schmeelk, Suzanna (2020) Mitigating Bring Your Own Device Risks by Static Analysis Empowered by Knowledge Graphs from Open Web Application Security Project

Singh, Anandi (2020) A Framework for a Standard Compliance Architecture

Verhoeven, Hanna (2020) Effectiveness of Coloring as a Technique to Reduce Physiological and Psychological Stress

Wizior, Kimberly (2020) Exploring the Influence of Social Interactions on Subjective Vitality: A Daily Diary Study

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Dissertations & Theses from 2019

Babu, Tina Shankar (2019) An Examination of Perceived Support, Organizational Justice Climate, and the Psychological Cost of Workplace Bullying

Badia, Melissa (2019) Grief and the Search for Meaning: The Role of Merged Identity and Identity Disruption

Barabasi, Istvan (2019) Framework and Patterns for Machine Learning as Microservices Using Open Source Tools and Open Data

Berler, Matthew (2019) Maintaining Equilibrium: Finding Our Way Therapeutically in a Digitally Disrupted Marketplace

Braha, Sophia (2019) Successful Aging: Individual Differences in Creativity and Health in Midlife

Buzinkai, Donald I (2019) Shock Events - Examining the Effects of Firm Responsibility, Crisis Response Communication and Reputation-repair Actions on Shareholder Value

Caligiuri, Angelique S (2019) The Influence of Childhood Rearing on the Separation and Individuation Process of Twins

Cannady, Sharice (2019) A Study on the Efficiency of Encryption Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Cestare, ToniAnn (2019) Understanding the Antecedents and Outcomes of Brand Evangelism in the Digital Environment

Crawford, Christie Noelle (2019) Influence and Bias Factors on Female Adolescent Alcohol Use

DiStefano, Dawn (2019) The Influence of Innovative Product Design and Brand Personality on Purchase Intent - Valuing Persons with Special Needs

Dorman, Stefanie (2019) Exploring Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Consequences for Young Women of Exposure to Sexual Content Online

Forman, Rachel (2019) Use of the Reality-Fantasy Scale (RFS) in Identifying and Diagnosing Dissociative Experiences

Forstrom D'Agostino, Jennifer H (2019) Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Childhood Trauma: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the EAGALA Model

Gervacio, Justine (2019) Cyber-Mourning: Toward a Psychological Understanding of Grief on Social Media

Guarino, Marissa (2019) The Impact of Emotional Abuse on Psychotic Symptoms and Cognitive Functioning in Adolescents with Severe Mood Disorders

Guerrero, Minerva (2019) Am I a Survivor? Illness Identity, Centrality, and Well-Being among Cancer Survivors

Hollar, Erica (2019) Assessing Internalizing Disorders with the MMPI-A-RF: Clinical Correlates of Internalizing Scales in an Adolescent Inpatient Sample

Krishnan, Nikita (2019) Interpersonal Influences on Young Adults’ Suicidal Ideation: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Lahoud, T. Thomas (2019) Extending the Technology Acceptance Model to Adopting ECG Wearable Authentication Devices

Leinung, Kathryn (2019) The Experience of Sexual Harassment on Dating Applications

Li, Sukun (2019) Dynamic Histogram Measurement for Time-Series Brain Signal Classification

Malmsten, Jonas Erik (2019) Automated Cell Division Detection and Classification in Early Mouse and Human Embryos

Marmaros, Kayla (2019) The Effects of Counseling Provider Attachment Style and Empathy on Boundary Behaviors

McDonnaugh, Pierre N (2019) Modeling the Economic Impact of Trade Liberalization Comprised of Tariff and Non-Tariff Measures Under Cafta-Dr in Costa Rica

Nardelli, Robert (2019) A Comparative Analysis of In-House and Offshore Software Development by Using Agile Methodologies at the Design/Code Phase of Software Development: An Empirical Study

Persaud, Sarika (2019) Initial Examination of a Culturally-Informed Gatekeeper Training for Youth Suicide Prevention in Guyana

Powell, Michael P (2019) Evaluation of Anomaly Detection-Based Tools in an Industrial Control Systems Environment

Ramdas, Shakuntala Melissa (2019) Relevance of Including Transgender Competencies in Mental Health Counseling Graduate Programs

Renner, Shannon (2019) Sex Trafficking: A Pilot Study of Trafficked Victims

Rustam, Kevin (2019) The Impact of Multicultural Supervision on Supervisees' Ability to Incorporate a Multicultural Perspective on Case Conceptualization: A Pilot Study

Shaikh, Roshan (2019) Defending Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks on Web Applications

Shevorykin, Alina (2019) The Effects of Trauma and Stress on Tobacco Dependence Treatment Outcomes in Lower SES Individuals

Stein, Danielle (2019) Stress Provocation and Recovery: Cardiovascular and Self-report Outcomes Following a Brief Feelings-based Intervention

Stevens, Kara A (2019) High School Financial and Economic Education: An Exploration of Predictors of Effective Program Outcomes

Sung, Ling-Yi (2019) Racial/Ethnic Differences in Trauma History, Resilience, and Personality Disorder Features

Whitfield, Imani R (2019) Racial Microaggressions, Psychological Well-Being, and Ethnic Identification among People of Color in the U.S.

Zarbiv, Talia (2019) Healing The Healer: Understanding and Promoting Resilience Among Mental Health Clinicians

Zhu, Robert (2019) Improving Software Defect Assignment Accuracy with the LSTM and Rule Engine Model

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Dissertations & Theses from 2018

Abouseif, Carine (2018) Cognitive Predictors of Reading Acquisition in Arabic: A Pilot Study Using an Arabic Version of the Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition on a Sample of Egyptian Children

Asar, Shagufta (2018) Exploring Global Indications of Parenting Through Professional Practitioners: A Study of India, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Behr, Jessica January (2018) Coming and Going: Movements in-and-out of Orthodox Judaism

Cingel, Kate (2018) Predictors of Amelioration of Psychotic Symptoms for Children in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting

Colletti, Caitlin (2018) The Relationship Between Interpersonal Functioning and the Development and Growth of the Therapeutic Alliance

Gottlieb, David (2018) Identity, Instability and Inebriation: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of the Mediating Effect of Borderline Personality Disorder on the Association Between Separation- Individuation Outcomes, Substance Use Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder

Hill, Allison M (2018) A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Feasibility of a Group Treatment for Depression Among Immigrant High School Students

Horan, Kailey (2018) Mindfulness and Its Facets: A Protective Attribute against Risky Behaviors in Emerging Adults

Johnson, Timothy M (2018) Improving Infrared Sensor Temperature Readings by Machine Analysis of Emissivity

Kanter, Ashley B (2018) Self-Reported Anxiety Ratings in Children With and Without Food Allergies and Teacher Knowledge Surrounding Food Allergies

Kiderman, Miryam (2018) Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Medically Fragile Infant Populations

Konig, Estee (2018) The Mediating Effect of Coping on the Relationship between Religious Social Support and Posttraumatic Stress among Religious Individuals with Prenatal Loss

Madar, Sandra A (2018) An Empirical Study of Abnormal Stock Returns of Illegal Insider Trading: SEC Enforcement Actions for the Years 2000 to 2009

Meyerberg-Yurga, Jenna (2018) The Grass is Always Greener in Someone Else's Profile Picture: The Role of SEM in Initiating Benign and Malicious Envy on Facebook Users

Mirilla, Davis Fonya (2018) Slow Incident Response in Cyber Security: The Impact of Task Disengagement in Security Operations Centers

Musa, Shireen (2018) The Role of Compassion and Sustainability Awareness on Fair Trade Fashion Consumption

Petit, Christine (2018) Ego Development Level and Individuation Experiences in Individuals Meeting Criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder

Rao, Anindita (2018) The Acceptability and Perceived Effectiveness of a Psychoeducational Session on Parent- Adolescent Communication for Immigrant Parents

Rawlins, James L. (2018) Alliance Announcement “Surprise” and the Impact on Firm Valuation

Reich, Joseph (2018) A Disorder by Any Other Name: The Comparative Effects of Asperger's Disorder vs. Autism Spectrum Disorder Labels on Public Attitudes

Ruppmann, Amelia M (2018) Self-Determination in Direct Support Professionals

Sarr, Oumar (2018) Rethinking Instructional Technologies in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Mobile Technology Use for Intergenerational Storytelling in Elementary Education in Senegal

Sesay, Joseph Bon (2018) The Impact of Local Financial Markets and Accounting/Reporting Quality on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Sicuranza, James (2018) Usability Case Study: Reduce an Organization's Usage of Text-Based Passwords by Using Built-In Device Hardware for User Authentication

Spencer, Jared (2018) A Study of Attachment Representations in Middle Childhood Using the Bird's Nest Drawing

Stein, Arielle (2018) Parental Efficacy, Stigma, and Help-Seeking for Children with Mental Health Issues

Storte, Sallyann (2018) Personality Predictors of Chronic Readmission in an Adolescent Inpatient Population

Vasseur, Pedro R (2018) A Machine Learning Approach to Verify and Reduce False Positive Alarms Generated by Data Breach Detection Processes

Wilson, Winston W (2018) The Impact of Autonomy, Firm Age, Networks, and Knowledge Sharing on Entrepreneurial Learning and Performance

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Dissertations & Theses from 2017

Araki, Masami (2017) Maternal Movement Patterns in Relation to Personality Features and Emotional Availability: An Application of the Kestenberg Movement Profile

Becerra, David (2017) Cyberbullying and Attachment Theory: Predictors of Cyberbullying Behaviors in an Undergraduate Population.

Bogin, Lynn (2017) A Portrait of College Success: Grit, Theories of Intelligence, and Cumulative Life Adversity

Boyle, Allison (2017) Developing Spatial Reasoning Skills: The Effects of Socialized Block Play

Branda, Anthony F (2017) The Relationship between Highly Analytical Marketing Practices and Marketing Performance

Carmona, Janet C (2017) Emotional Activation in Bilingual Spanish-English Speakers

Cicoria, Shawn (2017) Qualitative Analysis of Application Migration to the Public Cloud and Framework for Application Architecture Migration Risks

Clevenger, Leigh Anne Hodges (2017) Classification of Heart Sound Biometrics for Active User Authentication and Clinical Cardiac Applications

Dai, Wenyun (2017) A Fine-Grained Data Access Permission Authorization Framework for Mobile Systems

De Lorenzo, Julianne (2017) Attachment Style, Rumination, and Romantic Relationship Conflict

Doshi, Poonam V (2017) Predictors of Counseling Self-Efficacy: Examining the Counselor Trainees' Perception of Supervisory Interaction Style

Elnagdy, Sam Adam (2017) Cost Reduction Strategy for Cybersecurity Risk Management and Risk Transfer to Insurance in Financial Industry

Gai, Keke (2017) An Approach for Designing Secure and High Performance Cloud Systems

Grimaldi, James (2017) The Efficacy of Divorce Education: A Pilot Study Evaluating FamilyKind's Implementation of the New York State Parent Education and Awareness Program

Haar, Alison (2017) Criterion Validity Study of the Aggressive Content Scales in the Rorschach for Pre- Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatients

Juncaj, Sara (2017) Police Officers' Job Satisfaction and Well-Being: The Influences of Flow

Klosk, Melissa (2017) A Study of the Relationships Between Cognitive Functioning, Prodromal Cognitive Decline, and Predictors of Psychosis in an Adolescent Inpatient Population

Koroly, Lindsy (2017) Testing Desire for Greater Closeness as a Mediator of the Associations of Attachment Anxiety with Self-Esteem and Depressive Symptoms

Levine, Jamie L (2017) School Psychologists' Interprofessional Collaboration with Medical Providers: Training, Preparedness, Attitudes, and Current Practices

Levy, Dovid B (2017) Prayer and Psychological Well-being: The Mediating Role of Mindfulness

Loring, Michelle (2017) Personality Patterns Among Adolescents with Histories of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury With or Without Attempted Suicide

Mackin, Hilda J (2017) Adopting NoSQL Databases Using a Quality Attribute Framework and Risks Analysis

Maghsoudi, Javid (2017) A Behavioral Biometrics User Authentication Study Using Motion Data from Android Smartphones

Mandelbaum, Yonatan (2017) The Influence of Parents' Alcohol Expectancies and Behaviors on their Young Adult Children's Alcohol Expectancies and Behaviors in the Orthodox Jewish Community

McShane, Erin C (2017) Behavioral and Emotional Functioning of Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries: Level of Injury Severity and Cognitive Functioning as it Relates to Parent-Child Report of Psychopathology

Oxman, Adrian Tworecke (2017) The Relationship between Social Media, Self-Objectification and Self-Esteem in Young Adult Women

Piering, Kristen (2017) Satisfaction with Life Through Sickness and In Health: Internal and External Resources and their Impact on Identity Development

Pisano, Mark (2017) A Case Study of the Uses Supported by Higher Education Computer Networks and An Analysis of Application Traffic

Qudah, Dean (2017) Examining the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) by University Students in Jordan Using an Integrated Model of Technology Acceptance

Ruddy, John A (2017) The Relation of Bank Financial Strength Ratings to Retail and Commercial Bank Performance

Rybka, Andrey (2017) Fault Tolerant, Self-Healing and Vendor Neutral Multi-Cloud Patterns and Framework Focusing on Deployment and Management

Salé, Michael John (2017) A Heuristic for Improving Legacy Software Quality During Maintenance: An Empirical Case Study

Sapoff, Mallory (2017) Assessment of Borderline Features in Inpatient Adolescents: Relationships between MMPI-A Dimensional PSY-5 Traits and MACI and PAI-A Borderline Scales

Sette, Maria (2017) A Semantic Approach to Intelligent and Personal Tutoring System

Takeda, Kenji (2017) Discrimination, Social Support, and Internalizing Symptoms Among Asian-Pacific Islander Lesbian. Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Individuals: Exploring Intersectionality and Ecological Systems of Support

Vahidalizadehdizaj, Mohammad (2017) An Efficient Decentralized Mobile Payment Protocol With Improved Security and Privacy

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Dissertations & Theses from 2016

Abbu, Haroon R (2016) Synergistic Effects of Market Orientation Implementation and Internalization Levels and its Impact on Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis Leading to Forms of Market Orientation

Alexandrou, Alex (2016) A security risk perception model for the adoption of mobile devices in the healthcare industry

Alipui, Gilbert (2016) Reducing Complexity of Diagnostic Message Pattern Specification and Recognition with Semantic Techniques

Appel, Benjamin (2016) Convergence of Rorschach variables and PAI Borderline Features Scale in a Young Adult Inpatient Population

Asamoah, Claude (2016) Knowledge Graph Syntax Validation and Visual Navigation for Developing Intelligent Systems

Brola, Jennifer (2016) Cyberpsychology in the Workforce: Online Disinhibition, Team Dynamics, and Company Culture

Chu, Jean (2016) The Impact of Ad hoc, Informal Communication on Virtual Team Effectiveness: A Study of IM Usage and Team Collaboration

Coakley, Michael J (2016) Keystroke Biometric Studies with Short Numeric Input on Smartphones

Contes, Salvador (2016) An investigation of primary and secondary teachers' beliefs in the usefulness of data-driven decision-making

Davila P., Luis E (2016) Managers as Agents Versus Angels: An Agency Theory Paradox of Corporate Social Responsibility, Bankruptcy, and Recovery

DeStefano, R.J (2016) Improving Enterprise Data Governance Through Ontology and Linked Data

Endres, Liliya (2016) Maternal Shape Flow Movements in Mother-Infant Interactions with Babies in Distress: Micro-Analysis Utilization of the Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP)

Feddock, Stephanie Ann (2016) An Analysis of the Software Selection Process Using Waterfall versus Agile Methodologies: A Simulation Study

Flynn, Jennifer E (2016) Accessibility of Patterns: A Case Study

Geevarghese, Kochumman (2016) A Partition-Based Dynamic Routing Algorithm for On-Demand Bus Scheduling in Rural Areas

Gilbert, Jennifer L (2016) Developmental Risk Factors of Late Preterm Infants in Early Childhood

Goetz, Hilary (2016) An Exploration of the Validity of the Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY) as a Potential Screener for Intellectual Disability, Reading Disability, and Attentional Impairment

Goldstein, Hillary (2016) The Relationship between Grandparents and the Caring, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence of Grandchildren

Harford, Laura (2016) The Efficacy of a Drama Therapy-Based Program in Enhancing Self-Perception of Social Skills, and School-Based Behaviors and Achievement

Herbst-Paparne, Robin (2016) Six-Week Postpartum Subclinical Maternal Dependency and Self-Criticism and 12-Month Mother-Infant Interactive Facial Movement Contingency: A Microanalytic Application of the Kestenberg Movement Profile

Horowitz, Micole (2016) Personality Assessment Inventory-Adolescents (PAI-A) Personality Subtypes of Self- Injurious Behaviors and Their Relationship to Nonsuicidal Self Injury and Suicidal Behavior In Adolescents

Jayaraman, Saravanan (2016) Drug Side Effects Data Representation and Full Spectrum Inferencing using Knowledge Graphs in Intelligent Telehealth

Kaplan, Talia R (2016) Parenting Childhood Victims of Sexual Abuse: A Comparative Study of Mothers With and Without Histories as Victims

Legister, Calvester (2016) The Economic Opportunities of Retirement Migration in Central America and the Caribbean

Levine, Lara (2016) Enhancing Academic, Personal, Social, Civic and Cultural Developmental Outcomes Among High School Youth: The Role of International Service Learning

Lindo, Steven Christopher (2016) A Comparative Study of Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems Using Algorithms to Impute Large Sparse Matrices

Magee, Kristy (2016) Early Alliance: The relationship between attachment representations, quality of object relations, and interpersonal style and early alliance between patient and therapist

Martinez, Christian (2016) A Modular Integrated Syntactic/Semantic XML Data Validation Solution

Maxwell-Sinclair, Novelle (2016) An Analysis of In-house and Offshore-outsourced Software Development Projects Utilizing Waterfall versus Agile Methodologies: A Simulation Study

Mayers, Rachel Aliza (2016) Individual Differences in Prospection Skills: Links with Mentalizing Ability

Nassar, Nader (2016) Multi-Seed Base Authentication

Navarro-Machuca, Javier (2016) Pluggable Model-Based Security Policy Enforcement Mechanism for Software Development

Ronelus, Wednaud J (2016) Using a multi-user virtual simulation to promote science content: Mastery, scientific reasoning, and academic self-efficacy in fifth grade science

Royzman, Stanislav (2016) Premature Termination of Psychotherapy in an Outpatient Clinic: Exploring Risk Factors and Contributing Elements

Schur, Amir (2016) Combining Human and Machine Capabilities for Improved Accuracy and Speed in Visual Recognition Tasks

Shapiro, Dayna (2016) The Relationship Between Internal Parental Representations and Psychopathology

Sheynkin, Alla (2016) Children's Storytelling and Movement Behavior in Relation to Aggression, Affect States, Defense Mechanisms and Psychological Strengths and Vulnerabilities

Sokol, M. Aliza (2016) Attachment as a Lens for Understanding Identity: The Impact of Attachment to God on Identity Formation

Thies, Kristin E (2016) Internalized Homonegativity and Relationship Quality in Same-Sex Romantic Couples: A Test of Mental Health Mechanisms and Gender as a Moderator

Trush, Michael (2016) Memory for Concept Pairs as a Function of Bimodality Type, Educational Background, and Culture

Uzamere, Helen Adesuwa (2016) A Case for Agile Techniques in Pedagogy - A Test Driven Agile Approach to Course Delivery

Wallace, Stephen (2016) Extending a Business Performance Improvement Framework with a Semantic Enhanced Hybrid Recommender System Design

Zuckerman, Sara (2016) Using Factor Patterns to Augment the Interpretation of Continuous Performance Tests in a Child Population

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Akerman, Esther (2015) Traumatic Dissociation: An Exploration

Anderson, Courtney C (2015) Relationships among Emotional Availability, Touching Behavior, and Parenting Stress in Mother-Infant Dyads

Balch, Shauna (2015) Trauma Exposure and Psychopathology: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Symptom Presentation among a Clinical Sample

Blackman, Alixandra (2015) Screen Time for Parents and Caregivers: Parental Screen Distraction and Parenting Perceptions and Beliefs

Bromberg, Yelena (2015) Sequential Shape Flow Facial Patterns Among 12-Month-Olds Correspondent to Maternal Dependency and Self-Criticism: A Microanalytic Application of the Kestenberg Movement Profile

Crocetti, Giancarlo (2015) Think Tank Simulator: A Virtual Conversation between the Information Seeker and Domain Experts

Day, Storey Katherine (2015) The Role of Personality Prototypes in Mental Health Risk and Substance Use Behavior among Single Gay and Bisexual Men

DeSoye, Sarah Rooney (2015) Attachment to the Therapist and Psychotherapy Outcome in Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder

Egbert, Michael (2015) Driving Public Cloud Adoption through Qualitative and Quantitative Modeling

Egbert, Mike (2015) Driving Public Cloud Adoption through Qualitative and Quantitative Modeling

Elchoueri, Birgit (2015) Strategic Homogeneity in Industries and the Diffusion of Corporate Social Practices

Eshel, Rachel (2015) The Relationship between Parental Attachment and Competence and Child Psychosocial Adjustment in a Clinically Referred Child Sample

Gisonti, Vincent (2015) The Role of Technology Coping and Habit in Information System Utilization

Greenfield, Lindsey (2015) The Relationships Among Defense Style, Attachment Style, and Psychopathology in an Outpatient Clinical Population

Haddad, Diana (2015) Maternal Personality, Stress, and Parenting Behaviors

Hidary, Simone D (2015) The Assessment of Cognitive Inefficiency and its Psychiatric Correlates in a Child Sample

Hornung, Jenicka M (2015) Revisiting Media Richness Theory: Social Cues Impact on Understanding in a Textual World

Illouz, Evan (2015) Understanding School Psychologists' Role Identities Through ADHD Related Practices

Jeannite, Samuel (2015) Exploring the relationship between psychological symptoms and ethnic connectedness among the New York Metropolitan Area Haitian community to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

Kelly, Jennifer (2015) School Psychologists' and Upper-level Graduate School Psychology Students' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals

Leet, Jonathan M (2015) Defining an Enhanced Feature Subset to Assess the True Biometric Performance of Speaker Verification Systems

Leibrock, Michael (2015) Systemic Risk and an Extension of the Black-Scholes-Merton Option Pricing Model for U.S. Banks

Libby, Victoria (2015) Attachment to the Therapist and Parenting Stress in Parenting Interventions

Li, Jenny S (2015) An Investigation of Authorship Authentication in Short Messages from a Social Networking Site

Miraj, Llesh (2015) The effects of computer simulations on students' conceptual understanding of direct current resistive electric circuits

Olszewski, Linda Escobar (2015) Screen Time Exposure and Children's Behavioral Correlates

Perez, Gonzalo E (2015) Analyzing Impaired-User Input Scenarios for Keystroke Biometric Authentication

Powell, Jessica (2015) Exploring the Role of Raising Children upon the Association between Perfectionism and Marital Satisfaction

Ricks, Ilana Christine (2015) Teachers' Perceptions of School Psychologists: The Impact of Response to Intervention (RtI) Services

Thies, Jeremy (2015) Attachment Style, Defense Style, and Resiliency in People with Substance Abuse

Wong, Kristina J (2015) The Relationship Between Depression, Sleep Disturbance, and Cognitive Inefficiency in a Child Psychiatric Sample

Zeng, Taoxin (2015) Parenting Children of Different Ages: Comparing Professional Practitioners' Perceptions with those by Late Adolescents

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Aviram, Refael (2014) Isomorphism of Internal Audit Functions of Higher Education Institutes in Israel

Bakelman, Ned (2014) Keystroke Biometrics Studies on Short Password and Numeric Passcode Input, and on Long Spreadsheet, Browser, and Text Application Input

Baldwin, Claire R (2014) Emotionally Intelligent Conflict: The Influence of Emotional Intelligence, Individual Traits, and Human Capital Characteristics on the Conflict Preference of Collaborating

Bitter, Eitan J (2014) Parenting Perceptions and Child Behavioral and Emotional Development in an Orthodox Jewish Sample

Byrne, Colin (2014) Using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) concepts to investigate the impact of iPad professional development for K–12 teachers: A case study

Caggiano, Pasqualina M (2014) The Impact of Child-Parent Attachment and Attachment to God On Adult Romantic Partner Attachment

Callahan, Thomas M (2014) An Investigation of Providing Technology Professional Development to In-Service Teachers through Reverse Mentorship: A Case Study

Coor, Nanika C (2014) Toward Security: Attachment Disturbance in Adult Psychotherapy

Dunkelman, Jacqueline R (2014) Understanding the "Manic Defense": An Examination of the Use of Defense Mechanisms among Depressed and Manic Outpatients

Dweck, Joyce (2014) The Use of the Psychopathy Content Scale-16 (P-16) in an Adolescent Inpatient Setting

Farsaii, Siamak Sam (2014) The impact of the levels of teaching innovation (LoTi ®) framework professional development on administrators' 1:1 classroom walkthrough observations: A case study

Fernandez, Jessica (2014) Ethnic Identity and Working Alliance in Psychology Supervisory Relationships

Foran, Lauren (2014) The Developmental Outcome of Very Low Birth Weight Infants at 18 Months

Freedman, Jacqueline D (2014) Adolescent Depression and Individuation, Parental Representation and Stages of Ego Identity Among Female High School Students

Greenbaum, Lauren (2014) Understanding the Relationship between Perceived Bonding and Stress in Parents of Young Children: A Study of Intergenerational Transmission of Parenting Behavior

Grodko, Aliza (2014) The Relationship between Defense Styles and Aspects of Individuation in a Clinic

Hecht, Eva (2014) The Effect of the Expectation of Monetary and Verbal Awards on Creativity: A Cross-Cultural Examination

Johnson, Peter M (2014) The Relationship of Organizational Improvisation to Market Orientation

Kaplan. Ashley R (2014) Attachment Transmission: Effects of Therapist Attachment Style on the Therapeutic Relationship

Katsuras, Kelly R (2014) A comparison of form quality in two Rorschach scoring systems: The Comprehensive System and the Rorschach Performance Assessment System

Kidkarndee, Smith (2014) Examining the Relationship between Parenting Perceptions and Online Gaming

Nikelshpur, Dmitry O (2014) Achieving Consistent Near-Optimal Pattern Recognition Accuracy Using Particle Swarm Optimization to Pre-Train Artificial Neural Networks

Ochoa, Natalie (2014) Ethnic Identity, Color-Blind Racial Attitudes, and Multicultural Competence Among Psychologists

Pearston, Christine (2014) EB Style as a Moderating Variable in identifying Features of Psychosis in an Adolescent Population

Rajan, Sunil (2014) Critical Success Factors for Small-Medium Businesses to Adopt Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Regis de Alicea, Tanya D (2014) Multidimensional Assessment of Psychologists' Multicultural Counseling Competence

Saini, Gurleen Kaur (2014) Identity, Perceived Discrimination, and Psychological Well-Being in Sikh Americans

Sampath, Vijay S (2014) Determinants of the Invisible and Visible Hands of Punishment: An Examination of Corporate Bribery Prosecutions

Samson, Erica (2014) Parenting Stress in the Dyad: Associations Among Parenting Stress, Parent Role Perceptions, Infant Temperament, and Mother-Infant Emotional Availability

Selim Bailey, Natalie (2014) Perceived Social Support and Cognitive Readiness to Parent as Predictors of Attachment, Parenting Style, and Parenting Stress: A Comparative Study of Adult and Adolescent Mothers

Shiovitz Lemonik, Rachel N (2014) Emotion Regulation and Body Dissatisfaction in Late Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Sora, Jenny Concetta (2014) The Impact of an Educational Technology Facilitator on Technology and Digital Resource Integration: A Case Study of Three Thinkfinity Demonstration Schools

Stein, Ilisa N (2014) The Impact of Maternal Incarceration on Children: The Role of Contact During Incarceration

Suozzi, Dana Marie (2014) The Relationship of the Reality-Fantasy Scale to Psychotic Symptoms in Children

White, Keisha C (2014) Program Evaluation of Jacob's Pillows Curriculum in Motion (JP-CIM) Program Residency: The Effects of Utilizing a Kinesthetic Instructional Program & Students Perceived Multiple Intelligence Strengths on Academic Motivation, Academic Self-Efficacy, & Executive Functioning

Williams, Deborah A (2014) Young Adult Internet Usage and Aggression: In-vivo Aggression in the Era of Cyberbullies

Younger, Leah R (2014) Posttraumatic Growth in a Non-Clinical Sample of College and Graduate Students

Zelinger, Jordan (2014) Screening for Developmental Delay in At-Risk Children: Ages and Stages. Questionnaire in an Adolescent Primary Care Clinic

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Aceste, Meredith (2013) Convergence of Rorschach variables and MMPI-A PSY-5 Scales: With and Without Response Character Styles

Anne, Kirk M (2013) Agile Business Continuity Planning using Business Process Modeling Notation

Baker, Hope (2013) Role Differences and the Importance of Parenting Behaviors In an Early Childhood Separation Program

Bonuso, Cara F (2013) Empathy in the Clinical Encounter: A Study of Situational and Dispositional Empathy Levels as Associated with Clinical Training and Practice

Brodsky, Jessica (2013) The Relationships between Organized Sports Participation, Parenting Behaviors, and Children's Behavioral and Emotional Functioning

Bukofser, J. Holly (2013) The impact of the use of one-to-one netbooks on student achievement, teacher practice, and perceptions of technology in a fourth-grade bilingual class

Busack, Antonia (2013) The Influence of After-School Activity Participation and Perceived Social Support on the Emotional and Social Competence, and School Engagement of Adolescents

Casarella, John M (2013) The Classification of Un-preprocessed ECG Waveforms through the Application of the Hierarchical Temporal Memory Model

Cintron, Stephanie (2013) Self-Representation, Cultural Identity and Psychopathology

Clark, Christine Y (2013) A Study on Corporate Security Awareness and Compliance Behavior Intent

Dayan, Rotem (2013) Program Evaluation of CHAMPS- School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) at a Therapeutic School

De Feis, George L (2013) Strategic Alliance Renewal as Related to Alliance Partner Outcome and Customer Goal Achievement: A Proposed Framework

Donnellan, John T (2013) An Analysis of the Stability and Accuracy of Moody's Bond Ratings and Stock Pricing during the US Great Depression

Garcia, Amabell (2013) In or Out: The Power of Ethnic Group Status and Ethnic Identity on Diminishing the Effects of Racial Ethnic Microaggressions

German, Shanna T (2013) Emotional Availability in Mothers and Infants in Relation to Maternal Factors of Employment, Self-Efficacy and Stress

Golikov, Steven (2013) Integrated Syntactic/Semantic XML Data Validation with a Reusable Software Component

Hegg, Logan P (2013) Mindfulness: A Factor in Consideration of Parent Stress and Theory of Mind Among Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hernandez, Marco A (2013) An Interactive Iterative Method for Electronic Searching of Large Literature Databases

Holowitz, Anya (2013) The Influence of Parenting Behaviors on the Development of Adaptive Behaviors in 3 to 5 Year-Old Children

Hutchinson, E. Jeffrey (2013) Agile Deployment of Packaged Business Application (PBA) Software: An Empirical Study

Kaufman, Sophie Revillard (2013) The Role of Mindfulness in Cultural Intelligence: Impact on Culturally Congruent Patient Care

Kim, Steve H (2013) Use of Correlation among Keystroke Biometric Features for Handling Missing or Infrequent Data

Kollmer, Michael J (2013) The relationship between selected educational technologies and student-centered versus teacher-centered instruction

Kook, Talya (2013) Cluster Analytically Derived Subgroups of the PIC-2: Common Profiles and Their Correlates

Maddox, Cynthia G (2013) The impact of eTextbook audio readings and digital projects on the reading comprehension of elementary students

Mahoney, Meredith (2013) The Effect of Resilience, Level of Ego Development, and Internal Parental Representations on the Relationship between Potentially Traumatic Events and Symptomology

McGee, Katelyn (2013) Examining the Role of Ego Development, Individuation, and Resiliency on Symptomatology Following a Traumatic Event

Mintz, Gavriella (2013) The Influences of Parental Behaviors and Individuation on Self-conscious Emotions of Adolescents and Emerging Adults

Mura, Jessica (2013) Emotional Availability, Parenting Behavior Perceptions, Child Temperament and Parent Personality Characteristics in Mothers and Their 8 to 16 Month Olds

Petrie, Rebecca (2013) Late-Adolescent Well-Being: The Balance of Life Domains

Pinto, Karen Marks (2013) The Relationship between 'OCEAN' Personality Dimensions, Demographics, and Online Dating Attitudes and Behaviors

Rodker, Jason D (2013) Promoting Social-Emotional Development of Children During Kindergarten: A Zippy's Friends Program Evaluation

Rosen, Jenna Brooke (2013) Parental Reaction to a Diagnosis of Autism: How Resolution Relates to Parental Reflective Functioning and Parenting Stress

Spelman, Vanessa M (2013) Acculturation, ethnic identity and resilience against gang-related activities in Latino youth

Stewart, John Cary (2013) An Evaluation of the Application of Stylometry and the Keystroke Biometric to Identity Verification of Online Test-Takers

Torres, Nora (2013) Women's Gender Role Orientation and Attitudes toward Family and Occupational Roles: Influences of their Perceptions of Maternal Gender Role Orientation and Protection

Wecksell, Beth (2013) Parent-Child Agreement Concerning Psychopathology: The Differential Impact of Parent Stress, Parent-Child Discrepancies, and Response Bias on Inpatient Treatment Outcome

Weiss, Diana E (2013) The Relationship between Internet Social Networking, Social Anxiety, Self Esteem, Narcissism, and Gender among College Students

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Ausubel, Jonathan (2012) A Study of Parenting, Locus of Control, Religiosity and Gender

Ben-Joseph, Galit (2012) The Effects of Family Responsibilties on Working Mothers in the Fields of Science and Technology

Boehm, Raymond E (2012) An Approach to Early Lifecycle Estimating for Agile Projects

Brass, Jillian (2012) The Impact of Implicit Self-Theory on Rated Creativity in Third and Sixth Graders

Brodie, Vanessa (2012) M-PACI Hierarchical Cluster Analysis: Personality Variants in a Pre-Adolescent Inpatient Sample and Their Correlates with Regard to Severity and Psychopathology

Campanile, Tracy A (2012) The impact of iPod touch technology on middle school French and Spanish student achievement

Dorleans, Sabine (2012) Haitian-Americans' Conceptualization of Mental Illness: The Role of Acculturation, Ethnic Identification, and Ethnic Group Appraisal

Himmel, Maria Azua (2012) Qualitative Analysis of Cloud Computing Risks and Framework for the Rationalization and Mitigation of Cloud Risks

Hutt, Rebecca (2012) The Influence of Environmental and Psychological Factors on University Attrition

Johnstone, Andrea (2012) The Developmental Outcomes of Late Preterm Infants

Kane Aidara, Bintou (2012) XML Update Transaction Execution Based on Incremental Constraint Checks

Khan, Kamal Waris (2012) CICS Region Virtualization for Cost Effective Application Development

Lashuel, Shaker (2012) An investigation of access and use of electronic data systems by elementary and middle school teachers

Lubitz, Taylor B (2012) The Role of Ego Development in Predicting Psychotherapy Attrition

Lubliner, Erika (2012) Correlates of Dysregulation and Parental Representations among Emerging Adults with Substance Use Problems

Mayerfield, Malky (2012) Parenting Perceptions and Adult Attachment: An Exploration of Intergenerational Aspects of Parenting

Mizrahi, Etty (2012) Relational Aggression in Middle School: Gender, Self-Esteem, and Narcissism

Mottahedeh, Dahlia (2012) Parent and Family Functioning in a Pediatric Cancer Population

Nahum, Lindsay (2012) What the Therapist Brings Into the Room: The Relationship Between Therapist Personality Traits and Therapist and Patient Rated Working Alliance

Perez, John (2012) Parenting Behaviors: Their Relationship to Children's Perceived Social Support and Academic Achievement

Pivar, Allyn (2012) Investigation of the Relationships Among Trauma Exposure, Parental Representations, and Post-Trauma Symptoms

Purba, Josua Bisuk Mubyarto (2012) Dynamic Sub-Channel Allocation in OFDMA Systems

Thomas, Carlos A (2012) Assessing the Factors that Determine Compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

Twomey, Alessandra (2012) Parenting Stress and Theory of Mind Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Influence of Parental Reflective Functioning on this Relationship

Urman, Andrea (2012) Relationship between Parenting Perceptions and Personality

Weiser, Daniel (2012) The Neurodevelopment of Preterm Infants: A Longitudinal Study from 0 to 24 Months

Yedloutschnig, Ruby (2012) Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parent Attachment Representations and Emotional Availability in the Parent-Child Relationship

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Barowsky, Dana (2011) Relationship Between Pretreatment Variables and Working Alliance in Psychotherapy: Parental Representations, Ego Functioning, and Psychopathology as Predictors

Bensusan, Elyse (2011) Heterosexism and School Psychologists: Conflicts, Multicultural Sensitivity, and Preferred Professional Responsibility When Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Youth

Boyd, Andrew W (2011) A Longitudinal Study of Social Media Privacy Behavior

Canepa, Heather (2011) Need for Belonging and Attachment Style in Relation To College Students' Participation in Negative Group Initiation Practices

Christodoulou, Androula (2011) Investigating the Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing the Sexual Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors of Greeks and Greek-Cypriots

Conway, Keara E (2011) Perceptions of Parenting: A Comparison of Parents' and Children's Perceptions of the Importance of Parenting Characteristics

DeRoss, Kathryn (2011) Developmental Processes and Psychopathology: Separation-Individuation and Ego Development

Dubbioso, Dani (2011) Parental representation and self-representation in the substance abuser

Garrett, Julia B (2011) Attachment and Social-Emotional Functioning in Emotionally Disturbed Youth in a Residential Treatment Center/Therapeutic Day Program Setting

Gaudio, Maria L (2011) Self-concept as a Function of Bilingual Elementary School Education

Grunberger, Avraham (2011) Environmental Factors Contributing to Depressive Symptomatology Among Adolescents in the Jewish Orthodox Community: A Study of Context

Guerra, Abraham (2011) A Framework for Building Intelligent Software Assistants for Virtual Worlds

Hartman, Stephanie (2011) From Efficacy to Effectiveness: A Look at Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy in a Community Setting

Hodge, Deborah C (2011) Podcasting in middle school Spanish classes: A non-traditional approach to student achievement

Jones, Barry (2011) The Composer's Algorithmic Assistant: Based on the Schillinger System of Musical Composition

Konstam, Elisheva (2011) A Study of Parenting, Religiosity, and Gender

Langley, Elizabeth Dale (2011) Parenting Styles and Perceptions Across Christian Denominations

Markowitz, Theodore J (2011) An Empirical Evaluation of Active Learning and Selective Sampling Variations Supporting Large Corpus Labeling

Morales, Peter J (2011) A computational econometric modeling technique for the parametric simulation of effort and duration estimation as applied to the development of software systems

Neuhaus, Devorah (2011) Parenting Regarding Children with Special Needs: Parental Perceptions and Stress

Nunez, Yonesy F (2011) Maximizing an Organization's Information Security Posture by Using a Distributed Patch Management Security System

O'Sullivan, Jill (2011) Validating Academic Training versus Organizational Training: An Analysis in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Field

Reale, Amy E (2011) Maternal Growing and Shrinking Movements in Mother-Infant Interaction Correspondent to Maternal Self Criticism and Dependency: Application and Utilization of the Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) in a Microanalysis

Shamah, Renee M (2011) Parenting Children of Different Ages: Adjusting Child Rearing Practices

Sher DeCusatis, Carolyn J (2011) The Effects of Cloud Computing on Vendors' Data Center Network Component Design

Spiegel, Jaclyn (2011) The Relationship between Nonverbal Affect Decoding and Shyness: Does Attentional Bias Play a Role?

Steinwurtzel, Rochelle (2011) Progress Through Individuation and Suicide Risk Factors in Late Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Stern, Adria (2011) Sibling Relationship Quality, Parent-Child Relationship Quality, and their Effects on Adult Romantic Relationships

Tiwari, Ashmi (2011) A Comparison of the Parenting Perceptions of Indian Americans and Caucasian Americans

Venuto, Laura (2011) The Relationship between Internal and External Resources and Developmental Competencies among Children and Youth in Day/Residential Treatment Care

Wong, Regine (2011) The Effect of Knowledge of In-group/Out-group Performance on Nonverbal Deductive Reasoning and Creativity: A Cross-cultural Examination

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Abu-Sbaih, Rula (2010) Parental influences on ethnic identity development: Implications of parenting style, attachment, and ethnic socialization

Adler, Lilline Senet (2010) The Sense of Self and Other Scale: An exploratory study and evaluation of construct validity

Ardito, Gerald P (2010) The shape of disruption: XO laptops in the fifth grade classroom

Asher, Sara (2010) Adolescent Experiences Associated with Child Abuse Potential: A Closer Look at Physical Abuse, Witnessing Domestic Violence and Perceived Parental Bond

Baron, Erika M (2010) Capturing callous unemotional (CU) traits and the behavioral inhibition/activation systems (BIS/BAS) in children: Development of three construct-oriented scales in the Personality Inventory for Children—Second Edition (PIC-2)

Blank, David (2010) Evaluation of a therapeutic camp: Exploration of personality variables predictive of outcome

Blinkoff, Anne (2010) Theory of mind, social communication, and executive functioning in children with autism spectrum disorders

Davidson, Naomi L (2010) Psychological service usage among college students related to three specific college-experience related variables

Davis, Eddie A (2010) The effects of technological and organizational innovations on business value in the context of a new product or service deployment

Gravesande, Kevin (2010) Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Improve Patient-Clinician Encounters and Patient Care

Johnston, Samantha R (2010) Sibling adjustment following the birth of a premature infant

Mojica, Kern D (2010) Ordered effects of technology education units on higher-order critical thinking skills of middle school students

Morales, Angelina T (2010) Parenting behaviors related to maternal age and ethnicity

Nwosisi, Christopher (2010) Developing a genetic algorithm to construct efficient binary decision trees

Reddy, Visveshwar (Vishu) (2010) Estimating intrinsic engineering value of emerging software innovations

Ritzmann, Mark (2010) Strategies for managing missing and incomplete information with applications to keystroke biometric data and a business analytical application

Romano, Madalyn L (2010) School of education faculty and their use of technology: Are early adopters and late majority faculty different?

Ruan, Henry (2010) The impact of asynchronous interactive participation of students on their learning outcomes in an intermediate Chinese language course at an online high school

Sandler, Gila (2010) Long term effects of childhood trauma: A study of child survivors of the Holocaust using narrative coding analysis

Sarnicola, Jessica M (2010) A configural approach to understanding MMPI-A PSY-5 scales: Commonly occurring profiles and correlates

Schwartz, Madeline (2010) The usage of Facebook as it relates to narcissism, self-esteem and loneliness

Trees, Frances P (2010) A meta-analysis of pedagogical tools used in introductory programming courses

Tsekhansky, Alexander Michael (2010) Byzantine-Reliable Domain Name Service protocol in networks with limited public key infrastructure

Weaver, Daniel Scott (2010) Prospective Students' Reactions to the Presentation of the Computer Science Major

Weiner, Hallie Adrian (2010) Examining the Effectiveness of Psychological Treatments and Interventions for Child Maltreatment: A Meta-analysis

Zack, Robert S (2010) An improved k-NN classification method with application to keystroke biometric authentication

Zaid-Muhammad, Soye (2010) A Transactional Ecosystems Framework of HIV Positive Fathers' Perceptions of their Children's Psychosocial and Health Needs: Implications for Family and School-Focused Therapeutic Interventions for Children Affected by HIV

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

Becker, Lauren (2009) Parenting behavior frequency related to children's math and English language achievement

Capellan, Mirkeya (2009) An agile course-delivery approach

Cianci Cinguina, Catherine (2009) Parent attachment and affect regulation in young adults: The mediating role of self-representations

DiMatteo, Adriana (2009) Gender differences in parental representations and their effect on adolescent individuation and depression

Finkel, Allison (2009) The relationship between ‘OCEAN’ personality domains and self perceptions of parenting behavior

Flanagan, Maryclare E (2009) Emotional intelligence and beliefs about children, discipline and classroom practices among pre-service teachers

Ganis, Matthew Robert (2009) A study of the agile whole team and its effectiveness in the software development process

Gonzalez, Kimberly (2009) Volunteer motivations and satisfaction in a tutoring program: Implications for recruitment and retention

Healy, Mary Catherine (2009) Examining the impact of the Ego Impairment Index (EII-2) and psychopathology on childhood psychiatric symptoms: Interactions with developmental indicators

Herman, Gayle Striar (2009) The value of IQ scores in detecting reading patterns in younger and older elementary aged children referred for learning difficulties

Khemchandani, Kanchan (2009) The role of dissociation and eating disorder symptoms in facing loss, abandonment and sexual abuse trauma sequelae in the case of "Ana"

Klara, Maria (2009) Development of an empirically constructed Psychosis Proneness Scale on the Personality Inventory for Children - Second Edition (PIC-2)

Lopez, Patricia L (2009) Immigration experience and subsequent mental health issues in immigrant children from China, Russia, and the Dominican Republic: Implications for the use of cross-cultural comparisons

Mannette-Wright, Anne I (2009) A feasibility study of ontology-based automatic document transformation

Mazzone, M. Nora (2009) The impact of learner-generated feedback on teacher practice

Moore, Michelle Bacon (2009) Neurodevelopmental outcome of infants diagnosed with IUGR: A two and a half year follow-up

Moore, Sharlene L (2009) Annihilation anxiety and parental representation in adolescence

Pernod, Nicole C (2009) Assessing the psychometric properties of a supplementary PK Scale embedded in the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -Adolescent (MMPI-A) in detecting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Picheny Goldberg, Marisa (2009) The relationship between online dating and personality characteristics

Respler-Herman, Melissa (2009) Parenting beliefs, parental stress, and social support relationships

Robinson, Nicole (2009) Prematurity and developmental outcome during the first thirty months of life

Smith, Renel (2009) Gameplay to introduce and reinforce requirements engineering good practices

Spinardi-Pirozzi, Jan (2009) A comparison of drinking behavior between heterosexual and gay, lesbian and bisexual college students: An examination of prevalence and contributing factors

Steinert, Melanie (2009) Ego development and parental representation as predictors of psychopathology

Weiss, Karen (2009) Parental stress and relational quality in the parent-child dyad

Wolf, Pascal D (2009) Religiosity and social contact with LGB individuals: School psychologists attitudes

Zimmerman, Steven E (2009) Relationships among parental, event-, parenting-, and life-stresses, parental behavior, and parent-child interaction

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Ashkenazi, Renea (2008) Resilience and coping in children of divorce

Bernstein, Amanda Jill (2008) Noncompliant behaviors in day treatment children: Factors affecting change

Blanchard, Elizabeth L (2008) Constructs of the Child Behavior Checklist that predict treatment outcome in children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Brutus, Audrey (2008) The effects of ethnic identity and acculturation on the mental health service utilization of Haitians

Choi, Seung-Seok (Seung) (2008) Correlation analysis of binary similarity and dissimilarity measures

Demetriou, Panayiota (2008) A comparison of the parenting perceptions of Greek-American and non-Greek-American parents

Elizes, Romerl (2008) Investigating the value of using sequences of natural computing heuristics to address Traveling Salesman Problem

Feliciano, Eileen M (2008) Parental reactions to a diagnosis of autism: How resolution relates to engagement in the parent-child dyad

Fizel, Laura (2008) The relationship of birth order to perfectionism

Franco, Adriana Maria (2008) Latinos and the parenting role: An investigation of perceptions, behaviors, and acculturation

Goldner, Kimberly R (2008) Self disclosure on social networking websites and relationship quality in late adolescence

Hale, Rebecca (2008) Baumrind's parenting styles and their relationship to the parent developmental theory

Hayes, Darren R (2008) The efficacy of project retrospectives on organizational process improvement initiatives in software development

Henderson, Robert L (2008) The effects of absorption and traumatic exposure on PTSD symptoms after the September 11th 2001 World Trade Center attacks

Hertler, Steven C (2008) The persistence of the modern self: A personality trait analysis

Johnson, Melanie (2008) Multi-project staffing: An agile based framework

Keller, Stephen (2008) Object relations development and temperament as predictors of spiritual coping

Latzman, Tonya Lynn (2008) An evaluation of Project Peer: A juvenile delinquency treatment program

Lodise, Michelle (2008) Adolescent motherhood and developmental outcomes of children in Early Head Start: The role of family characteristics, maternal well-being, and parenting

Marquez, Michelle M (2008) Stereotypical emotional expression and its presence in Caldecott Award winning children's literature

Napoli, Loren (2008) Siblings of children with disabilities and corresponding parent attitudes and behaviors

Seskin, Lynn (2008) Attachment and autism: Parental attachment representations and relational behaviors in the parent -child dyad

Shenker, Sara J (2008) The influence of sibling relationships in children with chronic medical conditions

Sperber, Elyssa (2008) The impact of having a sibling diagnosed with a disability on one's level of acceptance for others

Westcott, Sandra (2008) Effectiveness of using digital game playing in a first-level programming course

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Augello, Laura A (2007) Early childhood development: An examination of father presence

Bojkova, Eliana (2007) The relationship of parental emotional maltreatment to children's developmental outcomes

Carlson, Jennifer A (2007) Profile of Adolescent Depression and Individuation: A validity study

Chiang, Borming (2007) A feasibility study: Secure public key infrastructure with quantum key distributions in grid computing

Feehan, Meghan L (2007) Harm avoidance and novelty seeking: Do these components moderate the relationship between disordered eating and substance abuse?

Feliciano, Joe L (2007) The success criteria for implementing knowledge management systems in an organization

Flora, Rachele L (2007) Behavioral undercontrol and alcohol consumption

Herrmann, Lauren (2007) Adjustment to college: The role of optimism, coping strategies, and parental attachment

Hill, Jonathan H (2007) Applying abstraction to master complexity: The comparison of abstraction ability in computer science majors with students in other disciplines

Horelik, Iwona K (2007) Rewards and creativity: Building a bridge between two theories

Joshua, Satty Oyekake (2007) A three-prong network solution approach: A sustainable business case centered approach in networking convergence

Kile, James F (2007) An investigation into the effectiveness of agile software development with a highly distributed workforce

Kolozian, Kristin (2007) Risk factors, maternal depression, and mother -child interactions in the national Early Head Start population

Marin, Nicole J (2007) The association between maternal parenting stress and quality of mother -child interactions in various family structures

McDonald, Lynn C (2007) Late adolescents' and young adults' attitudes toward homosexuality: The influence of gender, gender role expectation, and interpersonal contact

Mejias, Diana (2007) Parenting behaviors among adolescent mothers in the National Early Head Start Program: The role of teenage motherhood, maternal depression, and parenting stress

Meyers, Scott R (2007) The relationship between parental divorce and adult romantic attachment: Considering factors of parenting style and psychological hardiness

O'Connor, Claire (2007) Parents' perceptions of their roles and behaviors after the 9/11 terrorist attack

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Abrams, Carl Edward (2006) Shape matching with ordered boundary point shape contexts using a least cost diagonal method

Adams, Katrina L (2006) Parental stress, parenting behavior and observed parent-child interaction

Andersen, Lisa M (2006) The Child Unusual Beliefs Scale: A Preliminary Validation Study

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Weitmann, Daria (2006) Internalizing and externalizing symptoms among children with oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder or depression

Zandoli, Robert (2006) An agile framework for an information technology outsourcing decision process (ITODP)

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Dissertations & Theses from 2005

Ahmed, Bashir U (2005) Detection of foreign words and names in written text

Brancik, Kenneth Charles (2005) Insider computer fraud detection in applications: A defense in depth framework involving software engineering and novelty neural networks

Bravo, Kathleen M (2005) A model for HIPAA security compliance

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Woo, Joy (2005) Psychological motivation and protection motivation as predictors of high -risk sexual behavior among college students

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Dissertations & Theses from 2004

Bartels, W. Mack (2004) Implementation of the developmental, individual -differences, relationship-based (DIR) model in a preschool for children with autism spectrum disorders

Beckford, Les (2004) Facilitating the use of patterns via a generic framework that supports semi-automatic concept indexing and in-depth searching

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Dang, Tuan Q (2004) Personal Exemptions Consumption Tax (PECT): A new tax for the 21st century

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Tieman, Karen L (2004) The relationship between perceived parental attachment, ego development and individuation in a non-clinical adolescent population

Ulmer, David B (2004) Architectural solutions to agent -enabling e -commerce portals with pull /push abilities

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Dissertations & Theses from 2003

Adams, Kelly (2003) Gender differences in the high school years: The relationship between ego development, individuation, parental representations, psychosocial development and depression

Adler, Uriel B (2003) Karate and mental health: Can the practice of a martial art reduce aggressive tendencies?

Almeida, Deborah Coelho (2003) Predicting academic aptitude for a high school learning -disabled sample

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Bassett, Richard A (2003) Computer-based objective interactive numismatic system

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Friedman, Staci Beth (2003) The relationship between anxiety and self-perceived competence in children

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Levine, Jacquelyn Shari (2003) The relationship of religious orientation to parenting perceptions and behaviors

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Sperling, Shoshana (2003) Parenting perceptions and behaviors of preschool parents

Withka, Cheryl Lynne (2003) The relationship between community violence and dating violence in urban adolescents

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Dissertations & Theses from 2002

Altman, Bonnie Meyer (2002) The effect of ego development, gender, and depression on adolescents' progress toward individuation

Brooks, Wendy S (2002) The relationship among feminist attitudes, perceived parental attitudes towards women, achievement orientation, and eating disordered behavior in late adolescent women

Christopoulos, Veronica Paola (2002) The relationship between exposure to violence and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in inner-city youth

Crabtree, Donna Ann (2002) Vicarious traumatization in therapists who work with juvenile sex offenders

DeCicco, Joseph (2002) Sensitivity analysis of certain time -dependent matroid base models solved by genetic algorithms

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Frank, Ronald I (2002) Regular array expansions in null arrays, with applications: Zero is not nothing

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Gudaitis, Jane Lindsay (2002) The Early Childhood Inventory -4 and Child Symptom Inventory -4 as screening measures for pervasive developmental disorders: A validity study

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Jean-Baptiste, Hevel (2002) A distributed architecture for U-messaging systems

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Lawler, James P (2002) A study of customer loyalty and privacy on the Web

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Parker, David Andrew (2002) A correlational study between ego development, annihilation anxiety, and adolescent individuation positions

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Saleeb, Hany (2002) Information retrieval: A framework for recommending text-based classification algorithms

Sweeney, Karyn A (2002) Training, practice and the use of consultation/collaboration within infant and early childhood school psychology

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Dissertations & Theses from 2001

Arrington, Kim R (2001) The moderating effects of African self -consciousness of African American adolescents' symptoms of stress

Boettcher, Caroline A (2001) Early intervention eligibility as assessed by the Bayley Scales of Infant Development -Second Edition and the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales -Survey Form

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Gambino, Samantha Ann (2001) Towards the development of exit criteria for a Newcomer Center: Investigating the relationship between affective variables and the acquisition of English as a second language

Goldman, Gilian N (2001) Rorschach variables as indicators of depression in an inpatient adolescent population

Greenwald, Alisa J (2001) The effect of a therapeutic horsemanship program on emotionally disturbed boys

Haley, Jennifer Anne (2001) The relationship between instrumental music instruction and academic achievement in fourth-grade students

Helfand, Steven Joel (2001) Evaluation of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and the Das -Naglieri: Cognitive Assessment System in association with internalizing and externalizing childhood psychopathology

Herman, Miriam (2001) Adolescents' creativity in relation to separation -individuation and different self -representations

Hopkins, Jessica Linnell (2001) Toddler behavioral problems and parent -child interaction in an inner-city early intervention sample: Implications for assessment and intervention

Jeffer, Allison Joy (2001) Predicting children's academic achievement from the Kindergarten Screening Inventory

Kotten, Laurie (2001) The Hand Test as a predictor of aggression for inpatient children within a psychiatric hospital

Lloyd, Anne Lauren (2001) An exploratory study of features related to adolescent medication compliance: Personality factors, side effects, and substance abuse issues

Macina, Deborah Ann (2001) Behavioral interventions in preschool: A naturalistic comparison of impulsive, aggressive, conduct problems, and social problems children

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Scionti, Lisa Anne (2001) An investigation into individuals with eating disorders and their perceptions of family functioning, depression, and seasonal affective disorder in an outpatient population

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Walker, Jennifer A (2001) Issues of separation -individuation and gender role socialization in battered women: An investigation of the relationship between early developmental patterns and exposure to abusive relationships in adulthood

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Dissertations & Theses from 2000

Correia-Grayson, Paula C (2000) Influence of parental reactions to their child's disability on parental involvement and child development

DeLong, Margaret Doherty (2000) Peers' knowledge and attitudes toward a classmate with cancer: An evaluation of a school reintegration program

Fields, Jennifer Mara (2000) Predictors of English acquisition in Spanish -speaking children in bilingual and ESL classes

Frieman, Shulamis (2000) Learning Activities to Raise Creativity (LARC): An evaluation of a gifted program

Gironda, Marc A (2000) A validity study of the Youth -Outcome Questionnaire and the Ohio Scales

Gonzalez, Lourdes Evelyn (2000) The relationship between classroom settings and language models with regard to the development of language and social skills of Spanish -speaking preschoolers with language disorders

Leong, Hanna Yim (2000) Loevinger's conceptualizaton of ego development in relation to psychopathology and personality characteristics in an adolescent clinical population

O'Shea, Margaret Mary (2000) Factors impacting therapists' perceptions of clients and their expectations for treatment outcomes

Piscitelli, Vincenza (2000) The effects of an integrative preschool program on the language development and social competence of children with disabilities

Yacka, Audra Barnett (2000) Development of a secure unit within a residential treatment facility for children and adolescents

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Dissertations & Theses from 1999

Beer, Carolyn Pica (1999) Identity and intimacy in adults who have suffered parental death in childhood or adolescence

Berger, Matthew Adam (1999) The impact of organized sport participation on self-esteem in middle school children

Cepelewicz-Harbater, Eileen Beth (1999) The effects of bone lead poisoning on cognitive, achievement, attentional, and language functioning in children

Cohen, Simcha Y (1999) The effect of school-based cognitive behavioral group therapy with a specific component of socialization, and self esteem, on the self-esteem of ADHD children

Coleman, Frances Claire (1999) Staff attitudes toward family involvement and reunification in residential treatment centers

Griesemer, James Alan (1999) A field study of the impact of ISO 9001 on software development in the United States

Grosso, Carolyn Gail (1999) An investigation of the construct and concurrent validity of variables from the Comprehensive System for the Rorschach in a child psychiatric inpatient population

Morales, Alejandra (1999) The relationship between attachment and depression in American and Bolivian adolescents

Nadler, Shari Lyn (1999) Birth order and perceived parental bonding in adolescents

Ng, Eva (1999) The impact of heritage education on self-esteem and ethnic identity

Rosario, Julio (1999) Puerto Rican youth "at risk": Impact of ethnic identity and self-esteem on academic success

Rubin, Sarah I (1999) The role of culture and other predictors in test anxiety

Salois, Karen A. Nielson (1999) A comparative study of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition (WISC-III) test performance: Northern Cheyenne and Blackfeet reservation Indian children with the standardization sample

Schur, Sherry Anne (1999) The relationships between problem-solving, life stress and depression

Sims, Clinton Eugene (1999) Male independent school students' perceptions of school climate and its relationship to achievement and minority status

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Dissertations & Theses from 1998

AlRoy, Carolyn (1998) Predictors of condom use among college students: Interpersonal, attitudinal and psychosocial characteristics

Bang, Charlene (1998) Self-revealing in Korean-American adolescents as a function of their degree of acculturation and depression

Bellman, Lawrence M (1998) Using personality traits to predict communication technology use in the home

Cohen, Elana C (1998) Perceived social support as a protective factor in manifest and emotional resilience

DeFour-Pierce, Debra M (1998) Violence prevention programs for adolescents at risk: Impact on program development, implementation, and evaluation

Feliciano, Israel (1998) Examining the effects of fetal "crack" cocaine exposure on the development of infants during the neonatal period

Green, Rinat R (1998) The relationship between family violence and dissociation in physically abused and non-abused adolescents

Lessuck Namer, Christine S (1998) Children's perceptions of parental roles

Lombard, Doris Ann (Dori) (1998) The effects of strategic bankruptcy and contingent liabilities on the performance of bankruptcy prediction models

Muniz, Elizabeth (1998) The relative efficacy of measures of adolescent substance abuse

Nicholas, Constantina (1998) Adolescents' perceived attachment to parents and its relationship to depression

Nissel, Chaim (1998) Depression, hopelessness and aggression as predictors of suicidal ideation in delinquent and non-delinquent hospitalized adolescents

Novick, Elissa Rosenzweig (1998) A comparison of self-esteem, gender role orientation, and body image in adolescent female athletes and nonathletes

Pinto, Angelynn Fhay (1998) A Rorschach study of object representations and attachment in male adolescents with disruptive behaviors

Septimus-Berger, Aliza (1998) Adolescent physical abuse: Predictive factors

Sobol, Hillary Lisa (1998) The impact of humor on early adolescents' emotional and behavioral response to events

Weissman, Dale (1998) Gender of preschoolers' preferred play partners: Children's perspectives

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Dissertations & Theses from 1997

Blonstein, Cheryl J (1997) Group psychotherapy following repeat and delayed decision abortions: Demographic and personality factors associated with self-selection and responsiveness

Brown, Phyllis Anne (1997) The effect of parenting styles on coping strategies among mainstream and special education students

Greenberg, Stephanie Jill (1997) Alexithymia in an anorexic population: Prevalence and predictive variables

Hanson, Lauren Jean (1997) A study of creativity in adolescence as related to ego development and parental attachment

Hoch-Espada, Amy Louise (1997) Post-traumatic stress, dissociation, and antisocial behavior in inner-city adolescents

Imeri, Darlene S (1997) Emotional distress and behavioral problems in children of chronic pain patients

Kennedy, Laura Price (1997) The impact of one special education preschool program on adaptive behavior and parental stress

Masotti, Janet (1997) The Wide Range Achievement Test: A validation study

Meyers, Barbara Berke (1997) Maternal perceptions of parenting infants with congenital heart disease: Implications for early intervention

Reinhold, Julie S (1997) Typologies of adolescent religious orientation in relation to ego development, God concept, and social desirability

Rodney, Claudette Cecilie (1997) The influence of selected toys on the cooperative play behaviors of preschool children

Rossen, Robert M (1997) Adolescent depression: Its impact on competence, behavioral problems and academic achievement

Shum, Linda Moy (1997) A study of the parent role: The Chinese-American perspective

Taylor, Kristin Moore (1997) Transition practices among special education preschool providers in New York City

Widman, Albert Drew (1997) A comparison of the attitudes of public pension sponsors and corporate CEOs regarding issues of corporate governance

Zimmerman, Alan (1997) The impact of services trade barriers: A case study of the insurance industry

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Dissertations & Theses from 1996

Alderman, Loraine (1996) The psychological experience of miscarriage on women and their families

Apuzzi, Andrea L (1996) The relationship between parental marital status, family rapport, and the self-reported psychopathology of adolescents

Avidor, Boneh G (1996) Empirically derived cognitive processing subtypes of speech-impaired preschoolers: K-ABC subtest cluster analysis and external validation of derived subtypes

Baird, Nancy (1996) Development of the Behaviorally-Oriented Self-esteem Scale (BOSE) for adolescents

Becourtney, Lyle Martin (1996) Influence of depression, gender, and prior psychological assistance on adolescents' attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help

Callahan, Evelyn Jean (1996) Identifying coping mechanisms of parents of children with special needs

Dichter, Jolie Robin Nash (1996) The association between parental marital status, ego development, and level of depression in adolescents

Goodman, Judith R (1996) Symptoms of dissociative disorder in children and adolescents

Gutwirth, Bonnie Lyn (1996) The relationship between cognitive processing profiles according to the PASS model: Planning, attention, simultaneous and successive processes, and childhood psychopathology

Lee, Jong-hwa (1996) An empirical investigation of strategic responses of United States firms to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Levy, Shelly Beth (1996) Self-advocacy skills training for adolescents with physical disabilities

Meehan, Robert H (1996) Competitive strategy and the design of strategic business unit General Manager compensation systems

Ryf, Susan Hazlett (1996) The association between adolescent ego development and self-reported psychopathological symptoms and behaviors

Schneider, Pamela (1996) The immaturity scale of the MMPI-A: An empirical study of its relationship to Loevinger's model of ego development, clinical utility, and correlation with external variables

Scholl Perry, Kristin (1996) Relationships among adolescents' ego development, their academic achievement, and the amount of their contact with and social distance from grandparents

Scuralli, Joseph V (1996) Interaction of country of origin effects and perceived risk in a capital equipment setting

Volpe, Elizabeth Anne (1996) The relationship between the PASS model (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous and Successive Processing), the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition and reading achievement in school-aged children

Wortel, Kim Elizabeth (1996) Teacher gender-role identity and gender attribution of student mathematic ability

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Dissertations & Theses from 1995

Bitondo-Federico, Lisa (1995) A longitudinal study of adolescent ego development and parental representation

Coles, Harold A (1995) Effects of chronic violence on inner-city junior high school-aged children

Greenbaum, Lauren Gerber (1995) Training and practicing psychologists compared with attorneys using the OMI and Child OMI

Hirsch, Joseph Allen (1995) Attitudes toward children with emotional disorders

Hoffman, Bruce S (1995) The impact of special placement on the socio-emotional factors and academic achievement among male students in special education placements

Hollander, Sharon Aimee (1995) HIV/AIDS affected families: A challenge to health care professionals

Kapetanakes, Barbara (1995) Evaluating the performance of hearing-impaired children on the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children-Nonverbal Scale (KABC-NV)

Kreindler, Lainie Kasman (1995) Grandparents: The relationship between life satisfaction and the grandparenting role

Lawrence, Betsy D (1995) Educators' perceptions of parental roles

Lin, Yingshing (1995) The economic determinants of foreign direct investment: The case of Taiwanese multinational enterprises

Lloyd, Samuel Harold (1995) Corporate culture and its relationship to participation and job satisfaction

Loiacono, Josephine (1995) The relationship between level of ego development and substance abuse and the impact of rehabilitation

Speter, Kopel Morris (Moshe) (1995) A paradigm for change: The diffusion of innovation theory and the cellular industry

Strober, Benna Faith (1995) An evaluation of a gifted and enrichment program

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Dissertations & Theses from 1994

Antar, Georgi York (1994) A school-based multimodal intervention program for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Barbiere, Deborah (1994) Typologies of adolescent self-representations in relation to parental representations, ego development and psychological symptomatology

Brodie-Colontino, Patricia (1994) Therapy with adult female incest survivors: Guidelines for a time-limited group

Brownell, Mary Evan (1994) The effect of a branded ingredient strategy on overall attitudes toward a brand extension

Chwast, Bonnie (1994) Variations in sexual behavior as predictors of juvenile criminality: Implications for object relatedness

De Santis, Domenic (1994) An evaluative study of a preschool speech and language program, 1980-1989

Galley, Joann Maria Calderone (1994) Dream motifs: A comparison of dream content for depressed and non-depressed adolescents

Kardell, Edward Gerard (1994) Evaluation of the WISC-III in the assessment of attention and concentration processes in children

Kefalas, Panayiotis (1994) Global strategic alliances: Short-term effects on shareholders' wealth

Klein, Eileen T. Rappaport (1994) A longitudinal investigation into progressive and regressive shifts in ego development in male and female adolescents

Pedro, Mariana Nunes (1994) The parent role as viewed by school psychologists: Understanding and communicating the concept

Sasloff, Jacqueline Paige (1994) The efficacy of utilizing a sexual functioning inventory with an in-patient adolescent population

Sienko, Stephen (1994) An analysis of the job perceptions, experiences, growth needs, and satisfactions of permanent and contingent workers

Turkisher, Tracy (1994) Attachment style, self-esteem, and subjective well-being among late adolescents

Wertheim, Linda (1994) Communication patterns and communication attitudes between parents and caregivers

Zammit, Lucy Bernadette (1994) IQ stability in the learning-disabled population

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Dissertations & Theses from 1993

Aebly, Mary Kay (1993) Psychopathology and family variables of relatives of children with conduct disorder: A family study

Cifre, Maritza (1993) Perceived parental bonding, separation-individuation and ego development in adolescence

Colwes, Carrie (1993) Stress, depression, and self-esteem measures of drug abusing adolescents and adults in drug rehabilitation: A program evaluation

Garczynski-Kessler, Ann Marie (1993) Development and validation of a method for diagnostic evaluation of solo musical instrument performance

Giudice, Maria Elaina (1993) Sons of divorce: Effects of father absence on gender identity, locus-of-control and self-esteem

Kraus, Susan (1993) An evaluation of the admissions testing program of the Saint Thomas Choir School, Manhattan

MacDonald, Laura A (1993) A review of the literature and proposal for best practices for the assessment of sexual abuse of children

Marder, Lynn Edwards (1993) The impact of separation-individuation on the development of eating disorders in adolescent females

Padilla-Rafalsky, Sarai Ramona (1993) Children of substance abusers: Observations and their mothers' reports of childrearing practices

Quinton, Alfred Peter (1993) International diversification measurement: The consideration of international involvement and diversity in global strategic planning

Sadler, Linda (1993) Caretaker variables as moderators of the early development of behavior problems in at-risk children

Walker, Kellie Victoria (1993) Racial identity development: A construct validity study

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Dissertations & Theses from 1992

Adam, Justine E (1992) The effect of an intergenerational program on children's attitudes and the well being of nursing home residents

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Dissertations & Theses from 1991

Bernstein, Sydna M (1991) The effect of functional electrical stimulation on self-concept, locus-of-control, anxiety and depression in spinal cord injured patients

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Dissertations & Theses from 1990

Charalambidis, Asimena (1990) Examiner self-disclosure: Its effects on the examinee self-disclosure

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Dissertations & Theses from 1989

Crowley, Kevin J (1989) Evaluation of good touches/bad touches: A program to prevent child sexual abuse in school-age children

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Dissertations & Theses from 1988

Aiosa-Karpas, Claire J (1988) Gender identification and sex role attribution in sexually abused adolescent females

Cangelosi, Donna Marie (1988) Daughters without fathers: Effects on subsequent intimate relationships

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Dissertations & Theses from 1987



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Dissertations & Theses from 1986


Jorgensen, Elaine Marion (1986) A preadolescents' self-perceived stressor inventory: Development and initial findings



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Dissertations & Theses from 1985









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Dissertations & Theses from 1984





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Dissertations & Theses from 1983




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Dissertations & Theses from 1981







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